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Simulation, Strategy
Mild violence
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Pandemic II

Humans all over earth are once again feeling confident of their global empire. Technology and medical advances are continuous. Little does the world know that a new threat has emerged, one that has the potential to change everything... if you want it to.

Take control of your own disease once more in this sequel to the original award winning game Pandemic. Evolve your disease, spread it across the continents and eradicate mankind.

Pandemic II version history:
  • Version 1.18:
    • Improved AI logic
    • Fixed some text related bugs
    • Slightly improved performance.
  • Version 1.16:
    • Tweaked AI logic
    • Fixed an interface related bug
    • Fixed a spelling error
    • Fixed a spelling error
    • Made it slightly more likely for a boat to travel to Madagascar.
  • Version 1.14:
    • Fixed minor graphical bug in the disease window
    • Made minor tweaks throughout the game.
  • Version 1.13:
    • Initial release.